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How to Book Radio and Podcast Interviews!

So, you’ve just finished listening to your favorite celeb give an interview on a popular radio station or podcast. But have you ever wondered how they got there? Perhaps they joined a secret society that has now decided, it’s this person’s time to shine and quickly...
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How To Get Published

     You’ve seen them. We all have. You know, those unknown social media models who all of a sudden grace the covers or insides of your favorite magazines. Sometimes you even see them as online features in Sports Illustrated or Maxim Lady of the day. While...
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Photographers: 7 Types

As a model, it’s natural that you will come into contact with several different types of photographers. However, I’m here to let you ladies know, that not every photographer is all that and the bag of chips they claim to be! In this industry, you will...
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Playboy Casting Call! Apply Below!

Have you ever dreamed of modeling for Playboy? Well, now is your chance ladies. At the bottom of this blog, I’m linking all the information to Playboy Plus casting calls in Burbank, Ca. Now I’ve modeled for Playboy in the past and below this article I am...
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How to Save Money

  I always say, “Saving money is slightly more important than earning money.” Strange statement right? Well, let me explain. Essentially, earning money is empowering, invigorating and leaves one with a sense of accomplishment. Now, how many people...
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Why Every Model Needs Her Own Website

Wow, what a journey its been to get a website created, paid for and ready to use! One thing every professional model needs for her business is a nice, functional website. Now generally speaking, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a website. You can...
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