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How to Book Radio and Podcast Interviews!

So, you’ve just finished listening to your favorite celeb give an interview on a popular radio station or podcast. But have you ever wondered how they got there? Perhaps they joined a secret society that has now decided, it’s this person’s time to shine and quickly landed them some airtime. Or possibly, they did something so monumental that now, every talk show host in or out of the country, is just beating down their doors to interview them. Well, I am here to inform you all, that although these are very colorful scenarios, there is a more practical way these celebs went about getting their interviews.

For one, they could have gone the pricey route. Now, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg or signed to a major record label that’s actively dedicating a portion of your advance to an advertising budget, I strongly suggest you steer clear of this first option. Mainly because there are more cost-effective ways to landing interviews. And although, it’s an entertaining thought to be on your favorite radio station during prime time, its also very expensive; with many radio campaigns ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars… Yikes!
Don’t let this discourage you however for the majority of rising talent is in your very same boat… myself included! Yet, despite not having a ton of cash on hand to promote yourself with, you can still easily get the airtime you deserve. Websites such as, are a Godsend to rising artists on a budget. As for myself, I use religiously. All you have to do is search the website and at the top of the page click on SEE NEW RADIO INTERVIEW GUEST REQUESTS. Once you click on that you will see a ton of new radio station requests just aching for new guests. Since I began using this website, I’ve landed myself three radio interviews. My first was an international radio show called, “Carry on Harry” in Singapore. My second, “Talk with Francesca” was an east coast radio show in which, Dr. Phil was also once interviewed on. My third was “The AME Experience” on Iheartradio. This was my most recent and will be airing in about two weeks. Now why did I tell you all of these you may ask? Simply because… if I can do it you can too and let me show you how.

First, you go on to and you look at the qualifications interviewers are looking for. Do they want an author? Do they want a public figure or rising public figure? Or perhaps do they just want someone that has an incredible story to tell? That is for you the potential interviewee to determine when reading the brief paragraph in who they are looking to interview.
So, let’s say you come across a radio request seeking to interview an artist/ public figure/ rising public figure. That right there, fits your description. Now, simply click on the top underlined part and scroll down until you see the booking email part. Now copy that email and begin composing your proposal to them on to why you would be an entertaining guest on their show. Below, I have attached some real emails I sent out myself to radio stations that had me on their shows. Now, granted our stories probably differ greatly from each other, but that does not mean you can’t use my email as a set up or base for your own. Here is one of my emails I sent to a Radio Booking Email and was booked on:

“Hello there! my Name is Lauren Briar, I hope your day is going well! I came across your ad on radio guestlist and would love to try to book an interview with iheart radio. Currently I’m a published Maxim and Playboy model. I have also been working hard to publish my books this year. I write poetry along with fantasy/ fiction. I also run a model help blog so other models in the Hollywood industry can reference it and go to the same places I went to in order to get published and shoot with the same photographers I shoot with to avoid scams and fraudulent people in the industry. I provide this info on my blog free of charge and answer any questions that come my way. A few days back my story was picked up by the news and was featured on Fox, NBC, ABC and several more. I can send over the links to them if you need to see. Would absolutely love the opportunity to spread the word further about my model help blog and possibly be featured on radio stations to talk about it, so other young women and artists can read and utilize it for themselves. Please let me know if this is possible! I would love the chance to share this with the world. Here is my phone number if easier for you, 619 XXXXXXXX . I would absolutely love the opportunity. Attached are some news articles and works I’ve been published in. Hope to hear from you soon!

Many Blessings!
Lauren B.

Now, As for yourself, you wouldn’t want to use this example word for word but notice the organization of the proposal and apply it to you. Basically, you want to try your best to prove to the program that you are the perfect artist or public figure for their calling. Here is the format I follow that you can to:

  • Introduce Yourself: Personal greeting of who you are and how you found them. Always professional and pleasant.
  •  List Your Credentials: What you would bring to the table as a guest. What do you want people to know about you? Are you a model? Are you a singer? A writer? Or are you a budding entrepreneur? What would you like to promote yourself as, and how you would personally add entertainment value to their show.
  • Offer Proof of Credentials (AKA) Your Art or Accomplishments: Have you been published in an article or magazine? Have you come out with a new song or mixtape? Have you been on TV? Have your written a book or made an independent film that you want to bring awareness to? If so, attach any clips or photos of your work to add as concrete evidence to strengthen your case on to why you would be a perfect fit.
  • Close with Hope and Positivity: Now, after you’ve finished writing your brief paragraph on to why you would like to be on their program. Kindly end the message with a simple, “Hope to hear from you soon!”. I end all my radio booking messages with this because genuinely, I do hope to hear from them soon. Now you can choose something more personal to you if you wish but this one seems to sum everything up nicely.
  • End the Message with your Name, Email or Phone Number: This shows you are serious in wanting to be contacted back. All of the radio stations I’ve received interviews with said it was easier to contact via phone through text messaging. Some may differ, but its nice to include your number.

Now that you have correctly composed your proposal on to why you would be a great guest, send it off and wait for some bites! Always remember too, not everyone gets picked up for everything (I know I sure don’t!) So don’t be discouraged, if no one reaches back out immediately. Simply send out your message to as many programs/ booking emails as possible. Now do note, that most radio interviews are usually free, however some with larger audiences may require a small booking fee of $30- $100. You can check to see if this is apart of the requirements in the description of the show. Most of the money goes to the costs of production for the interviewer. After all, they have to pay the bills too right? Additionally, though, I would not spend more that $100 for a booking. It may be wise at first to follow that same guideline.

On a final note, make sure to get the audio or video link to your interview sent to you so you can promote it via fb, Instagram, or convert to a youtube video. Your fans will love it and you will feel so happy and accomplished that you too could make a radio or podcast interview happen for yourself!

Many Blessings!
Lauren B.

How To Get Published

     You’ve seen them. We all have. You know, those unknown social media models who all of a sudden grace the covers or insides of your favorite magazines. Sometimes you even see them as online features in Sports Illustrated or Maxim Lady of the day. While glazing over these publications, you may first think to yourself , “Who is this person?” Or, better yet, How did they get this opportunity?”. Well ladies, I’m here to tell you, the honest to God truth on how these women, along with myself got their pictures into publications. And it doesn’t involve meeting some random middle aged tycoon at an elite Hollywood party. No… in all honesty, published models just chose the right PR company to work with.  In the beginning, when I first started modeling… things were undoubtedly tough. For one, I was investing a ton of my hard earned money into photo shoots that didn’t lead anywhere, and two I was doing tons of free work with inexperienced photographers who in the end never coughed up the photos. (I know violating and devastating). I knew no one in the industry and was extremely naive to the hidden scams that newcomers may face. I also fell for many of them. Some of them were so painful I still have not recovered… Indeed it was a perfect storm for a young girl with high hopes of hitting it big; born for adversity. As the months went by so did my accruing number of failures. Failures such as shooting with unprofessional that never give you your photos or shooting with unprofessional that only give you 5 photos after hours of shooting. And despite my best laid plans, it took over 2 years of eating dirt and gaining knowledge to finally be one of those women to utter   the words “I’m published!”

Image result for pr companyPR by definition is an short acronym for the words Public Relations. And weather you’ve just started or have been in the entertainment industry for a while, you will discover that PR, in combination with your talents of course, is a vital part of your career. Statistically speaking… the more published exposure, the more familiar you become to the public, the more familiar you become… the higher potential for you to gain a stronger following and receive more modeling opportunities .

    Now, I will say, If you can get PAID PR go for it! two weeks prior to auditioning for Playboy, I did come across a  casting call online and decided I’d submit my cosplay photos just for kicks. (Yes, I started out as a cosplay model.) As it turns out, those photos landed me the audition and in time, it proved to be the turning point of my career. I can go into that later, but the Golden PR ‘nugget’ to take away from this story is to first, try your best to attend auditions or casting calls with reputable companies like this, who can publish your photos and give you a paycheck. Paid PR is ultimately the best form of PR. So go out and audition for as many paid modeling gigs as you can! (Additionally, I wrote my last article on how to audition for Playboy Plus, check it out if your interested!)

Another w

Another way to get published is simply reach out to a PR company and ask for their rates. I reached out to Main Street Productions. Ryan Dwyer and Luis Rodriguez run the company and are the best in the business when it comes to getting models published fast. They work with you in obtaining your perfect  look and also give active direction along the way. They are honest and straightforward with all of their models and set the expectation every time. They do what they say they will do. They don’t make false promises to models. That’s why I enjoyed working with them. And if your wondering, is Lauren being  paid to promote them on this blog? I do not wish to be paid for it and will reject any payment if I was offered it. For the entirety of my career, I will continue to share every drop of life giving information with women so they to can perhaps achieve their dreams and hopefully advert themselves from the same strife and pain I encountered, on my own in this industry.  So you are a model, interested in working with them like I did, go follow @mainstreetproductions on Instagram and ask them about their PR services and rates. You will get nothing but quality from them.

Photographers: 7 Types

As a model, it’s natural that you will come into contact with several different types of photographers. However, I’m here to let you ladies know, that not every photographer is all that and the bag of chips they claim to be! In this industry, you will encounter 7 distinct types of photographers. Yes, indeed, 7 distinct types of photographers that you need to be aware of before entering the industry or delving deeper into it. If you constantly struggle with model/ photographer relationships this is the blog for you…

Photographer Type 1: The Pricey Professional

This type of photographer may cost you a pretty penny, but in turn, they know their craft and is apparent in their art. Working with the Pricey Professional will be fun and almost always a learning experience for the model. They may offer you guidance on how to pose, and will experiment with a variety of lenses and different camera angles to capture your best looks. Most of all, they will promptly and proficiently deliver all of your photos you request from them without fail. These guys know their work inside and out, they are experienced and know how    to treat a client. Their proficiency in photography as well editing outweigh the price every time. I still pay for some shoots time to time, but the only times I pay now are for distinct reasons, such as owning the publishing rights or website usage.

Photographer Type Two: The Trade for Print Pro! 

This Photographer is your go to. You both vibe well together and create killer content for both your pages. They don’t charge, but you don’t either. You both just love creating amazing art together for your audiences to enjoy. Keep these guys close!  You wont have to worry about not receiving your photos from them. They generally send them in a few days time  Their editing is also superb! Keep these guys close! You make a great team.


Photographer Type Three: The Pro Creep!

Now this type may be All Stars when it comes to taking photographs, however they also can be professional Creepers! Yes, the photography skills for these types are extraordinary but if you deny them a chance with you on the “casting couch”, you will never receive your content. Generally speaking, these types  have large egos and come across slightly disenchanted with the world, in other words… embittered. They believe they are the best in the business due to the quality of their work, however lack in interpersonal relationships and professionalism. These types are the MOST LIKELY to try to hook up with models then suddenly vanish when it comes time to deliver their photos. You will see these types shooting with known models, unknown models or perhaps celebrities from time to time. Just to let you know they don’t show the celebs or well known models this scandalous side of them because they know the model or celeb has the power to dismantle their career. A sad story, many see all too often. Don’t be fooled! Be Leary of these types and before working with them or any photographer in question, have them sign a model release form before shooting. There is one attached to this blog you can download and print out for yourself. If they don’t want to sign it, that’s usually a bad sign. Let these types know you don’t play!

Photographer Type 4: The Just Plain Creep! 

These types, we all have fallen for once or twice. It’s extremely disheartening  but it happens to the best of us. This type is  simply put, a CREEP. Chances are, this type has low grade camera and is extremely flirtatious and touchy. Most of this type never went to school for photography, or even studied it for that matter. This type will most likely try to make a move on you… or even worse ask you to spend the night. These types usually insist on implied nudes the moment you walk in the door. To your dismay, they may even make you sign your “Model Release Form” on a used Buffalo Wild Wings napkin! (UGHH! Sorry, repressed memories!). Anyway, these Creep types will single handedly achieve at taking some of the most unflattering photographs you will ever see of yourself in your entire lifetime. And when it comes time to ask  for your photos, you may as well not even bother, due to the fact they will never provide them and despite months or perhaps years going by, will claim they they are still in the “editing” process. If by chance you are lucky enough to score images from this type, they may be extremely low quality and you probably won’t be able to post much or perhaps not at all, due to the majority being, terribly out of focus. When you spot a photographer like this. Just walk away. Better yet, run. For they are most likely, up to no good and will almost always, waste your time.

Type 5: The Blooming Artist 

I enjoy these types. Although their photo skills may not compare to the Pros in the business and their cameras are lower in resolution, these guys are really fun to work with. This is also a trade for print set up where you both just create art and share it for free. Together you will experiment with unique poses and props, laugh, and just have a great time. The photos may appear vintage due to the camera quality, but that’s ok, because vintage is in! You will get some good content from this shoot and have a chance to practice nailing certain poses. In the end, you both will have a great time creating art.


Now, for the last two types , I thought I would shake things up a bit by personally interviewing a popular model on Instagram who also once shot for Playboy. Her name is Bailey Madison and goes by the Instagram name @whereisbailey. Here is what she told be about these types.

Type 6: The Paying Professional

Bailey states, “This was a great experience for me. Usually, Paying Professional Types of photographers are actively trying to grow their audience. We agreed on him paying $300 total for the shoot. He asked me to bring specific sets of clothing to match certain locations. He picked me up and we drove to several different spots, all  scouted out before hand. We shot and talked briefly about each other’s goals in the industry. The photos turned out fantastic, it’s been a few years since my first shoot with him, but now am happy to see him getting his works published and  shooting with some of the top models in the industry.”

Type 7: The Paying Unprofessional

Bailey then goes on to say, “My worst experience was a couple of years ago with this type of photographer. The man initially reached out to me through social media, requesting that we do a paid shoot together. From the looks of it, his work was a bit Amateur.. but I shrugged it off and agreed to shoot with him for an even $300. Upon arriving at the meet up location I noticed the photographer was being very rude to me. He told me I needed to get a better tan and that my hair needed to be fixed and the color changed, along with countless others. This bothered me. Simply because I didn’t change my appearance going into the shoot, he already knew what I looked like so it felt as if he was just looking for things to find fault in. After shooting for a couple hours, things seemed to be going well… until we starting doing fully nude implied photos. While taking these photos, I noticed him grabbing his pants and saying he was getting hard. After hearing this, I tried to brush off the comment and attempt to change the subject. I’d never heard a photographer say that at a shoot before. By the end of the shoot, I was covered in paint and asked to use the shower before I heading home. To my dismay, he then asked if he could join in. Awkwardly and uncomfortably, I laughed and proceeded to go into the other room to take a shower. A few minutes into washing my body, I see his hand pulling back the curtain and immediately asking if I needed anything to drink. Complete intrusion of privacy! Aggravated, I said no, and resumed my shower. Once I finished, I heard the door fly open again. It was him, barging in as I was getting dressed. It seemed like the entire time he was under the impression I would take his sexual hints and jump into bed with him. After getting paid, I pretty much ran for the hills. I never spoke to him again, the photos turned out terrible. So bad in fact that I never even posted them…”

So there you have it! Those are my “7 Types” of photographers to get familiar with. Also, here is a list of all the photographers I work with. Feel free to reach out to them and set something up! They are all great artists I trust to deliver professionalism.

Also! Don’t forget to print out the photo release form attached below! This will help you weed out the pros from the phonies! Follow my favorite IG photographers below and message them about shooting!

Save this photo release form for your records ladies! Get your pics and know your rights!

Beach Photo: @partylikejzl

Forrest Photo by: @girlsonglass

Pool Photo by: @stevebitanga

Los Angeles Skyline Photo: @edwinevolvephoto

Pastel Beach Photo: @mishanw

Playboy Casting Call! Apply Below!

Have you ever dreamed of modeling for Playboy? Well, now is your chance ladies. At the bottom of this blog, I’m linking all the information to Playboy Plus casting calls in Burbank, Ca. Now I’ve modeled for Playboy in the past and below this article I am giving you the info you need to try out for Playboy yourself!

Now, two years ago, I was a different person. I worked at a company from 9-5 then would head off to night school afterwords. I would find myself bored at my desk frequently and one day, I randomly began searching Playboy casting calls. To this day, I still don’t know Playboy castings crossed my mind that afternoon. Perhaps it was fate… Anyway, I was lucky to come across a real link to apply. This link then led to the casting directors email. It was defiantly real, however there were and still are a ton of false submission sites requesting photos of young women claiming to be associated with Playboy. Eagerly, I submitted my best cosplay photos and waited patiently for a response. About two weeks later, I was in my statistics class and began checking my  emails. To my surprise… it was the casting director at Playboy. Immediately, I was shaking in my boots. I couldn’t believe that I was even speculation for something as big as Playboy! Disclosed in the email, was an audition time and date. So since I read the email a little bit late, my audition was in 4 days. EEEP! After reading it, I had to get some fresh air, so I stepped outside and went for a quick walk around the campus. So many thoughts were running through my mind, thoughts like “Is this real?”, “What if they turn me down?”, or perhaps, “What if this changes my life forever?”. After taking a brief walk, I finished up my statistics class and began thinking on how to prepare for something of this caliber. I was extremely nervous, and even worse….down to my last 40 bucks. I knew I needed to find a way to scrape up enough money to make the trip. So I did what any person needing money would do. I went down to a local thrift shop, and sold every cosplay costume/ prop I had. It was right before Halloween so naturally, they were happy to take everything. While at the cash register, I looked at my small pile of sentimental treasures and couldn’t help but feel the pain of having to sacrifice something you love for the possibility of a brighter future. I left that old secondhand shop with a grand total of 70 dollars in my pocket and to withered, empty bags. I returned back to my car, feeling like I just gave up a gold brick for a few pieces of silver. I cried for about 5 minutes and then told myself. “Lauren, it’s time to move on”.

Me and my friends at the Playboy Mansion (2016)

Now today… I’m happy to say that 70 bucks did prove to get me to my destination, and in time… to a whole lot more. Upon arriving, I was told to fill out a sheet of paper. Upon the sheet there were several personality and fill in the blank questions. Nothing to scary! After filling mine out, I was called into the photo studio where they took photographs of me against a blank wall. I shot from several different angles and tried a garden variety of poses. I first shot in bra and underwear then, full nude. I was also asked questions such as “Why should Playboy choose you to model them?”. Overall, the process was not as intense as I thought it would be, and surprisingly wrapped up in about 30 min time. Two weeks later, I received another email saying I landed the shoot and also a guest appearance on the Playboy Morning Show.  Two years have past since that day, and I’ll never forget how that one audition changed my life and hopefully the lives of several others… forever.

Me On Set With Playboy (2016).

Below is a link to the new “Playboy Plus Casting Calls” . Also don’t forget to follow @officialplayboyplus along with the casting director, @hollyrandall on Instagram! She’s the woman in charge of all the shoots. Now go out there and get em! If you never try, you’ll never know!





How to Save Money


I always say, “Saving money is slightly more important than earning money.” Strange statement right? Well, let me explain. Essentially, earning money is empowering, invigorating and leaves one with a sense of accomplishment. Now, how many people have you heard utter the words, “I spent all my money on food!” or, “I went shopping for some new clothes and now I’m broke!”. It’s okay, we all have our moments. I too, have found myself eating these same words in the past. However, I discovered I was saying these words all too often and when I began tallying up the numbers, I could see that neither food nor Forever 21 putting me in a financial pinch… it was me.

Much of what happens to us in life boils down to habits. In this case, my habits were simple. Make money… then spend it. Unfortunately, many people, fall victim to these same traps (especially models, and I’ll go into why later). Here are some ways to break free of these binding habits, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without being overburdened with debt.

EAT AT HOME. I can’t stress this enough to anyone trying to save money. I understand, after a hard days work, its nice to sit down to a nice meal at your favorite restaurant or order a quick take out item from a local fast food location however as it turns out, when you dine out, you are actually spending 3 to 4x the amount it costs  to make the item. if you think about it, a meal at a fast food joint runs people around 10$. A meal at a restaurant is almost double or triple. Back when I worked as an Executive at a company, I would NEVER cook at home. I would dine out every meal and every time payday rolled around, I was ecstatic. Only because I was broke as heck and probably a hungry again too. Once I quit my 5 year career there,  I quickly began realizing how much money on food I squandered all of those years. Now, I shop at the Sprouts near my house. Vegetables, fruits, lean meats, eggs, beans and rice are all very inexpensive and make up the majority of my diet. Happy to say that now I can live healthy and satisfied off of close to 30$ a week, just by shopping at the local supermarket.

Image result for woman eating at dinner table

MAKE YOUR OWN COFFEE/TEA/SMOOTHIES. This kind of ties in with the first tip, however once you realize that even something as small as that latte or smoothie really adds; you’ll think twice before you order. Before I quit my job, I went to Starbucks every day. After quitting, I did an average of how much I spent on Starbucks a month and came to find myself in total shock. Every day, I would order a Starbucks at every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner. In essence, I discovered I was averaging about 10$ or more a day and at the end of the month, I discovered I was spending over 300$ just on Starbucks alone! Yikes! The same can go for places like Jamba Juice, or Teavana or anywhere else you purchase that morning kick. Now, I own a Nespresso machine and save tons of money, over 3,000 per year to be exact. So, if you enjoy tea, coffee or smoothies in the mornings, I would strongly recommend purchasing your own tea, coffee or smoothie machines. They will definitely save you a fortune in the long run! 

SHOP THRIFTY. Now, here is the part where many models and ladies in general fall victim to the same trap. Shopping. Now, I love shopping as much as the next girl, but I know it an land one in lots of debt and stress. Being a model, I know there is a lot of pressure on women to keep up with the latest trends. Sadly, in desperate attempts to appear wealthy and successful, many make large, expensive purchases on credit cards or take out loans to buy the hottest styles to give off an appearance of wealth and prestige. Don’t do this. It ends up hurting you more that helping you. As my favorite designer, Alexander McQueen once said, “Fashion should be a form of escapism and not imprisonment…” meaning, yes its nice to have some fancy things now and then; but don’t let them trap you into massive debt. If you really want to shop designer, use the Tradsey app. On this app. you will find designer labels for just a fraction of store costs. Everything on the app. is secondhand and sometimes never worn or used. I admit proudly, I shop here as well as thrift stores for all my looks. No one will ever know the difference, because at the end of the day its just clothes and accessories.

TELL YOURSELF NO. This last point is probably the most important because in the end, right before were are about to buy something we may not need, we tell ourselves “YES”. Now, it’s okay to tell yourself “YES” once in a while. But, telling yourself yes all the time, can lead to big trouble later on. I understand. The word “NO” can make you cringe with feelings of inadequacy even if you know the means are there at the moment. Believe me, I know. As a girl raised by a single mother of two, I heard this word a lot. So when I got older, I vowed to only tell myself “YES” to everything; due to all the years I was deprived of everything I wanted. As consequent, just saying “YES” got me into more trouble than not purchasing. When I worked at my company I spoied myself and because I was too proud and too afraid to tell myself, “NO”. I left my company where I was on track to making 6 figures a year, close to 6,000$ in debt. After having to reach into my retirement account and pull out 6,000$ to pay off my creditors, I quickly became okay with telling myself, “NO”. At the end of the day, I realized that it was more painful to cough up that cash than to just say “NO” to some things.

In summation, these are my biggest tips on saving cash so you as a model or heck as a teacher, janitor, server, or any other occupation; can break free of the painful, “I’m broke and stressed” cycle so you can invest more into your dreams, whatever they may be.

Much Love and Blessings!


Lauren B.

Why Every Model Needs Her Own Website

Wow, what a journey its been to get a website created, paid for and ready to use! One thing every professional model needs for her business is a nice, functional website. Now generally speaking, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a website. You can actually do it super low cost or free using the .me websites. If you are a model or heck, even a business owner looking for a great website designer, use Solomon Ilochi. He created mine and did a fabulous job. I know when it comes to business, I can be a bit of a perfectionist. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH HIM. Solomon was very responsive and professional throughout the whole process. Now, I know what some of you ladies are thinking…. “Why do I need a website??”. Well, as it turns out, having one has several benefits.

Benefit 1: A website will add another degree of professionalism to your personal brand. Being seen online is the lifeblood of brands and public figures nowadays, and you, the model are your own personal brand. On your website you can express your personality through videos, photos and blogging or perhaps just offer your merch to followers who love you. Having all of you, in one place that is all about you is also a more intimate experience for your followers. Because now, not only are they simply seeing pictures of you or short posts. They are seeing the products and services you created for them along with blogs and personal never before seen pictures. They are now seeing you as an artist, who has put their creations for sale just for them.

Benefit 2: You need to be seen by people and by golly people need to see you! The more exposure you have, the better chance for more business opportunities to come your way. Its also an online home for you and the followers who love and support you. Especially if you blog! 🙂

Benefit 3: Your merchandise you offer to your followers is controlled by you and you only. (Now, you can defiantly pay someone to run your website, however that can get really expensive really fast. Remember, if your just starting out, you want to keep the overhead as low as possible.) The benefit to you controlling your own merch distribution is you knowing what orders are received and sent in a timely fashion.

In summation, if you are a model and want to start offering merchandise for your followers to enjoy and cherish, or you just want to google your name and see a professional website come up instead of houses in Humbolt Texas, (LOL google Lauren Briar and go back a few pages and you’ll see what I mean) start by creating your own website. You won’t be disappointed!

Much Love and Blessings!

Lauren B.

***p.s. Listed below is Solomon’s email! Message him if you are interested in having him make you a website like mine


Have Solomon Create Your Website:

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